How to create the perfect gallery wall

You’d struggle to look through magazines and Pinterest boards these days without coming across a gallery wall or two, and one of my most asked about questions along side ‘how to style’ is ‘how do I create the perfect gallery wall?’

Over the last few years, having a gallery wall – a collection of framed prints and pieces of art arranged in one place – has become all the rage.

Not only can it showcase your personality, it’s also a great way to add character and depth to your walls. Many forget the wall is a blank canvas, so use it to showcase you!

So whether you have your framed prints ready to go, or don’t have a single piece of art to your name this little guide may help you get the desired gallery wall you want. But before you begin gather inspiration from magazines, pinterest and of course the gram. You can even follow some of the hash tags like #gallerywalldecor for some seriously cool ideas on Instagram.

Have a walk around your home and decide where you want it. There might be a room you hadn’t previously considered or a bare wall that’s screaming out for a revamp? Whatever you’re working with, there’s someone out there who’s tried something similar. You may even want two. One for family photos and one for funky prints, there really is know rule to how many gallery walls you have in your home.

I can see how people get bamboozled though because there really are sooooooo many arrangements for gallery walls – floor to ceiling prints, different size prints and frames, a symmetrical arrangement and then there is the colour scheme – monochrome, eclectic or colourful. The list really does go on and on. I have included a few arrangements below but again there is loads of inspiration for this on Pinterest. I mean what would we actually do without pinterest?

Once you have chosen where you want your gallery wall to be then what I do is measure that space. Once measured, I frog tape the same space out on the floor.

I then choose my favourite piece and lay it in the taped out space. I would want that to be more central and at eye line level. It is also much easier to work outwards and to a starting point. This way your not being too hasty before you get your toolbox out and start putting nails in the wall.  So have a play and lay your frames on the floor to go through different arrangements and see what works best. Some people use sticky strips and put them straight on the wall but with flexibility to move it still. I have always found starting from the ground works best. It also gives you time to leave it, think about it/sleep on it and come back to it.

Then when you’re happy go for it and transfer them on to the wall to create your masterpiece!!

It is as easy as that… Making sure you use a spirit level of course!

Have slide through some of the other gallery walls I have created and don’t forget to follow my social media channels for all the day to day activties.