Blacksmiths Loft: Restaurant Decor

Restaurant Decor

The Blacksmith Loft is situated within Blacksmith’s Yard, off Sadler Gate. Some of the buildings date back to the 15th Century. The restaurant and building has a whole host of dreamy original features, which were sadly not emphasised and perhaps over looked at the start of the project.

Until now!

ND interior Design fully refurbished to the highest of standards, giving the restaurant a modern contemporary feel without loosing the original feeling of the building. Plus banning the beige!! We wanted to compliment the yummy food and friendly staff the restaurant were already providing.

To ensure the restaurant was sustainable we took it to the dark side, using dark paints and creating a couple of features in the restaurant with some statement geometric wallpaper. Adding flashes of gold to bring in some warmth to the restaurant and dressing the beautiful sash windows.

A touch of style and interest was added to the walls and doors with decorative beading. This was added to put some character back into the building. Check out the images to see where we mix the old and the new to give this restaurant a facelift that fits with the delicious food served.

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