Spring Time

Jan 11, 2023 | Hints & Tips, Seasonal

Spring has officially sprung. The daffodils are appearing all around and the evenings are a lot longer.

This to me is sure sign of a spring clean…It is time to de-clutter and to organise!

I for one know how hard this can be. However the feeling once this has been done is brilliant. When your home is organised, somehow your life and mind seem a lot more organised and clear too.

This can’t all be done in a day or an evening. I have set out some great tips I use when it is time to do my own home because let’s face it. We all have too much stuff!

  1. Spatial planning – creative use and innovative ways of utilising space.
  2. De-cluttering – projects you might want to carry out yourself.
  3. Storage ideas – a treat once you have achieved the above.

Start with one room at a time or even a cupboard/draw at a time. Then decide on your goals. You are allowed to buy yourself some lovely new storage boxes and units BUT only as a treat AFTER you have completed the de-clutter!

How many hours do you think it will take you to carry out the de-clutter? Whatever number you think of…I’d double this estimate.

Make a schedule that is realistic, you may feel guilty about the stuff you have accumulated but you’ll feel worse if you try to de-clutter and fail! By setting aside some dedicated time to clearing out and tidying you will have a guaranteed result and you can transform those negative feelings.




Put all your kitchen utensils into a box. Each time you use one return it to the drawer. After a month see what’s left in the box…do you really need the leftovers?

All the mixing bowls and cooking utensils a modest household is likely to need in 2 small, neat, stacking packages.

If it makes you feel better, box excess stuff up ready to give to your kids when they go off to university or set up home. Of course, the charity shop is a more immediate solution.




Ruthlessly edit. Take away everything that is no longer useful/beautiful, clean it, wrap it and fill up unmarked sealed boxes. Store the boxes for 30 days or even few months…wait…have you missed the contents…no? Ok, so deliver the sealed boxes to a charity shop, or swap with friends and ‘ebay’ each other’s unwanted possessions.



For high-quality, long-term storage find a great carpenter. Good chippies can work in a style to suit your home.

I hope this has helped. For more inspiration on how to declutter and organise your home check out my Pinterest page.

Happy Spring Cleaning.